User Agreement

Fujita Kanko Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") has the following rules for using the Internet reservation system so that customers can properly use the Internet reservation service (hereinafter referred to as "the Service") operated by the Company. I will decide. Article 1 Scope of application of this rule This rule applies to the Company and the users of this service (hereinafter referred to as "users") stipulated in Article 2. Article 2 This service This service means accepting reservation applications for facilities provided by the Company via the Internet by the method specified by the Company. Article 3 Conditions for using this service When the user uses this service, he / she is required to comply with the terms and conditions established by the facility and this rule. When a user makes a reservation using this service, he / she is required to register his / her name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc. There are restrictions on the content of services that can be provided by this service, and the user agrees not to request a reduction in services and fees beyond the limits. Article 4 Establishment of usage contract The reservation by this service is completed when the reservation number is displayed on the browser or when an e-mail notifying the confirmed reservation contents is issued, and at that time the usage contract between the facility and the user is completed. It shall be established. Article 5 Cancellation of reservation Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding Article, if the Company determines that the user has violated this rule, or if it is found that there is an act that falls under the prohibited items of Article 6, the reservation will be canceled without prior notice. You may. Article 6 Prohibitions The following acts are prohibited when using this service. Make a false or unjust application when making a reservation b. Applying for a reservation on behalf of another person without the consent of the person c. When the Company determines that it is clear that it is a gangster, a gangster, a gangster affiliated group or a related person, or other antisocial forces. d. Acts that unreasonably interfere with the operation of this service and cause or may cause disadvantages to the Company. e. Acts that infringe, damage, or may infringe on other users or third parties. f. Use this service for commercial purposes such as resale and mediation for a fee g. Acts that violate or may violate public order and morals and laws and regulations h. In addition to the preceding items, acts that the Company deems inappropriate Article 7 Cancellation or change of reservation If you wish to cancel or change your reservation, please contact the facility via the system or by phone. If the user cancels all or part of the reservation, a penalty (cancellation fee) will be charged based on the terms and conditions set by the facility. Article 8 User information We will not disclose the personal information and usage history of users that we have learned in providing this service to third parties except in the following cases. a. When requested by a public institution with legitimate authority b. When the person consents c. When an unavoidable situation that requires urgent response occurs We may use the information of registered users for the purpose of investigating usage trends of this service. In that case, we will not disclose the user's personal information and usage history to a third party in a way that can identify the company, group, or individual. In addition to the above, we will handle the personal information of users appropriately based on the personal information protection policy established by us. Privacy policy Article 9 Payment The fee for the reservation made by this service will be notified to the applicant by e-mail notifying the reservation confirmation issued by our company. The usage fee will be paid at the facility by the method specified by the facility when the user pays. In addition to the charges notified when the reservation is confirmed, if additional charges are incurred in connection with the use, payment will be made at the facility. Article 10 Suspension of this service The Company may temporarily suspend this service without prior notice in the following cases. To perform work such as server maintenance, inspection, repair, and improvement. b. When a failure occurs in the system or equipment required to provide this service. c. When the system needs to be temporarily stopped due to computer program modification, version upgrade, etc. d. When the Internet network fails and communication becomes impossible e. When there are other unavoidable circumstances Article 11 Disclaimer If a user causes inconvenience or damage to another person by using this service, it shall be resolved at the responsibility of the parties, and the Company shall not be liable at all. The Company shall not be liable for any inconvenience or damage caused by the user's inability to use this service due to the situation in Article 10 or the state of communication. Article 12 Changes to this rule We may change this rule from time to time without prior notice to you. If the user uses this service after changing this rule, we will consider that the user has accepted the changed rule. Article 13 consultation If a problem arises regarding matters not stipulated in this rule regarding the use of this service, the parties shall discuss in good faith and resolve it. Article 14 Agreement jurisdiction If a dispute arises that cannot be resolved through discussions between the parties regarding the use of this service, it shall be resolved in accordance with Japanese law at the court having jurisdiction over the location of the Company. As of April 1, 2015